Through Denmark by motorhome Rent. Enjoy. Travel.

Have you ever thought about going to Denmark by motorhome? Maybe this would be an option for your next holiday?

If the sea, long sandy beaches and lots of nature are your thing, then you’ve come to the right place! Last year we travelled to the Danish Baltic Sea islands with the camper and were totally thrilled. We put together the perfect route for Travelovers, which is just screaming for a road trip to Denmark.

What do you need?

  • 14 days holiday
  • a motorhome

…and you’re ready to go.

Our route starts in Luxembourg:

Day 1 – Getting settled in

Yes, Denmark is not exactly around the corner and as we are in holiday mode we will take it slowly. On the first day you will need a little more time. After all, the supplies in the camper still have to be stocked up before the trip starts. So the first stage only goes to Schüttorf in Germany. Here you will find a free camper site to stay overnight. Let the evening end with a walk around the lake which is located next to the camper site.

  • You can find the motorhome parking space here: 3, Graf Egbert Strasse, 48465 Schüttorf, Germany
Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Day 2 – Off on the ferry!

We advise you to leave early in the morning. There are still approximately 4 hours of driving ahead of you until you reach the ferry terminal in Fehmarn. Then it’s finally time to get on the ferry! Now you have to accelerate… The ferry to Denmark is completely stress-free. Because they commute every 30 minutes from Puttgarden to Rødby. You can reserve your ticket in advance, but this is not absolutely necessary. The ticket can also be bought directly on site. The 45-minute journey goes by quickly, you can enjoy the time either in the restaurant or on a sunny spot on deck sheltered from the wind.

Our first stop in Denmark is the town of Nakskov. Here we check in at Nakskov Fjord Camping. The campsite is situated directly by the sea and at the same time very close to the town centre. Perfect to explore Nakskov!

  • Address Nakskov Fjord Camping: Hestehovedet 2, 4900 Nakskov

Day 3 and 4 – Explore the island of Lolland

We have the following recommendations for Lolland: 

Maribo – the small town, with its exceptional location in the middle of a nature reserve, invites you to go hiking or canoeing. The lakes of Maribo are Denmark’s largest fresh water resource. A unique experience from the water! Birdwatching is very important here. Because if you are lucky, you can see sea eagles.

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Dodekalitten – near Kragenæs in the north of Lolland is a very special open-air art project. The Dodekalitten are often referred to as the modern Stonehenge. The stone giants are enthroned on a small hill and exude a mystical flair. Especially when the music starts…

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Fancy a Lunch or dinner? For this we recommend the Cafe Bita in Nakskov… Enjoy your meal!

  • Address Cafe Bita: Axeltorv 16, 4900 Nakskov, Denmark

Day 5 and 6 – Møn Island

Today we continue to the island Møn. We check in at Camp Møns Klint, the camp site is located in close proximity to the famous chalk cliffs and the UNESCO biosphere of the same name, Møns Klint. Here you will experience pure nature! The campsite alone is very special. “We bring you back to nature” is the motto and we can confirm that the concept works! You can rent bicycles at the campsite and explore the island completely car-free. The highlight: the Møns Klint area is classified as a “Dark Sky Area”. This means that you can see the stars especially well at night.

  • Address Camp Møns Klint: Klintevej 544, 4791 Borre, Denmark
Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Day 7 – Nyord Island

You should definitely not miss this small appendage of the island of Møn! The island consists of only one village and will bring you a little closer to the original Denmark. Stroll through the car-free village to the small harbour and let Wolfgang serve you his specialities in the delicatessen shop “Noorbohandelen” and show you spirits from all over the world. For overnight stay we drive back to Camp Møns Klint. Because there is no campsite on Nyord.

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Days 7, 8 and 9 – Nordsjælland

We recommend an early start in the morning. Because today we are going to the northernmost point of our journey, the Nordsjælland region. We recommend Dronningmølle Strand Resort as a campsite. From here you can explore the area in an optimal way.

  • Address: Dronningmølle Strand Camping: Strandkrogen 2B, 3120 Dronningmølle, Denmark

Tips for Nordsjælland:

Gilleleje – The town is mainly known for its old harbour area and its worldwide trade in herring. You will find fish restaurants in abundance and the old village centre should not remain undiscovered. Especially beautiful are the, still well preserved, houses in the old style.

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Helsingør – The easiest way to get to know this great city is on your own! For this purpose there is the “Elsinore Walk“, a self-guided sightseeing tour through Helsingør. You can get all information about the Elsinore Walk at the Tourist Office at the harbour.

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Hundested – The small fishing village seems quite unspectacular at first sight. Nevertheless, a fascinating spectacle takes place here every year. Then talented artists from all over the world create breathtakingly beautiful sand sculptures. The Sand Sculpture Festival takes place from May to October. There you will also find out the secret why the works of art do not collapse when it rains…

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Day 10 and 11 – Island of Falster

We start right after breakfast and head south again, back to the island of Falster. But on the way there we have an extra insider tip:


50 minutes south of Copenhagen you will find ‘Camp Adventure’. It is a high ropes course in the middle of the forest. But the real highlight is the 45-metre-high observation tower, which you can also climb separately. The way to the tower leads over beautifully laid out wooden footbridges. When you reach the observation tower, you walk up a 650-metre long spiral ramp to the very top. The view from up there is great!

  • Address Camp Adventure: Skovtårnsvej 1, 4683 Rønnede, Denmark
Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

You will not need the whole day to visit the Forest Tower. So you can check in at Østersøparken Camping in the afternoon. This campsite once again impresses with its direct access to the sandy beach. And with a bit of luck the campsite manager will tell you where you can see wild horses…

  • Address Østersøparken Camping: Bøtøvej 243, 4873 Væggerløse, Denmark

The journey is slowly coming to an end. But we still have a very special tip for you:

The Museum Obscurum!  Yes, the name says it all. The museum is located in the island capital Nykøbing-Falster and offers a very unusual exhibition. Witches, wolves, fairies and other incredible things you will see here! Let your imagination run wild and you will love the visit.

Mit dem Camper durch Dänemark

Day 12 – Going home…

The return journey can easily be made by ferry. You can do this again from Rødby, just as you arrived. Or you can take the ferry from Gedser, the southernmost point of Scandinavia, and drive over to Rostock.

We advise you to take the ferry early in the morning. This way you can drive to Harpstedt on arrival in Germany and spend the night on the free camper site before you go home the next day.

  • You can find the motorhome pitch here: 5, Tielingskamp, 27243 Harpstedt, Germany

Tip: In the high season we advise you to ask the campsites in advance if they still have a place for available for you.

If you want more information about Denmark, you can also visit Here you can find more details about the Baltic Sea islands of Denmark and the capital Copenhagen.

Hello, we, Pascale and Claude, where no camping friends at all! This way of travelling was never an option for us, although we love to discover many things and we love hiking, we were never attracted by camping life.

Now, 2 years ago, I "had to" make the experience for the first time - we were given the big Bürstner for a few days and thus spent our first camping holiday.

We were already very impressed by the comfort and size of this camper. We stayed 3 nights at the Bostalsee and found it not too bad...

However, the size of the camper disturbed us, because you can't leave "spontaneously" to return to the camping site in the evening.

Now we dared it again and this time we rented the small Mercedes Marco Polo.

And what can I say, the camping and camper fever got hold of us! We spent a week hiking through our beautiful country Luxembourg, inspired by "Pataschas World".

We visited four different campsites and each time we were the eye-catcher with our chic Marco Polo. We liked this camper by far better than the big one, but that's a matter of taste. Super driving feeling, super manoeuvrable and unbelievably fast to set up. Although it is smaller, it has a lot of storage space.

Of course you have to be well organised to find everything in its place, but whether you want to cook or eat in the camper all is possible. Even blow-drying your hair and putting on make-up works great. Thanks to the mirror cabinet you have everything you need as a woman, it was absolutely fun!

We also tried both beds and found that the upper one is much more comfortable and a little wider. In the beginning I was a bit uncomfortable to climb up there, because you don't have a ladder (you have to climb up over the seats) but quickly you get the hang of it and know how to get up and down.

All in all I must say that I enjoyed this trip incredibly and we are looking forward to the next tour with the camper. Then we will test the slightly bigger one, which also has a WC on board. This is really the only thing missing in this great Mercedes Marco Polo.

(*Note from Travelovers: there is a toilet box for the Marco Polo available for every customer - it is up to each customer to decide whether they want to take it with or not. There is also an outdoor shower available)

Pascale and Claude

We are Tascha and Patrick, two full-time travel bloggers from Luxembourg. On our blog we document our travel experiences and give tips and inspiration. The focus is on vanlife and road trips.

Travelling in a campervan means a great deal of freedom for us. Being flexible and able to arrange our everyday life as we please. There is no hotel to check in at a certain time, no flight or train to miss...nothing like that. Furthermore, we have everything we need: a kitchen, a living room, a bed and the biggest garden in the world!

This way of travelling lets us get to know the country and its people more intensively. We get contact with other travellers quickly and often get valuable tips and information about the place where we are.

With a motorhome, whether large or small, we travel completely stress-free. If we like a place, we take a spontaneous break. Sometimes we even stay overnight or for several days at a time. If we don't like it, then we just drive on. That's exactly what we appreciate so much about this kind of travelling: being free!

Patrick & Tascha